Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Battle of Nanjing (1853)

Battle of Nanjing began after the fall of Wuhan in March 8, 1853, and ended with the fall of the capital city of Nanjing in March 19, 1853 to Taiping troops, a few days after the Qing Government had evacuated the city and set off the first Jiangnan DaYing after 10 days. The Taiping Rebellion changed Nanjing named to be the Tianjing deal a capital and beginning occupied 11 years till recovery by Xiang Army in June 19 1864 .

Nanjing no any wars before 206 years till this battle, terrible sad and giant shadow of war began over here.

When Taiping forces occupied Nanjing that forced 30,000 citizens join in and input to Jianbei's battlefield immediately, but 9000 citizens refused and jump to Yangtze River drowned from boats in half way where front line of Yangzhou, and Taiping forces occupied Yangzhou speedily but then Yangtze River flowed many bodys to sea that was terrible and cruel scene.

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