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Tianjing Incident

The Tianjing Incident occurred from September 2 1856 - October 1856 in Nanjing. more than 27,000 people were killed because the Taiping Rebellion burn inner struggle Incident between leaders took powers each other.


Raised the Taiping from 1851 that included 2 serious problem and inner conflicts: Guangdong v.s. Guangxi, strategy West v.s. strategy North.

Defeated the Jiangnan DaYing, made Yang Xiuqing pride and call himself was the Yahweh's Dowsing, greater than the Jesus's Dowsing Hong Xiuquan, it made Hong angry to Yang.

General Qin Rigang thought himself was the first merit in this victory, not all belong to Yang Xiuqing at least.

Wei Changhui dislike Yang long time ago, add Qing's governor Jeer Hungar sacrifice induced the giant conflict between attack Beijing V.S. stationary Nanjing inner the Taiping Rebellion, Yang Xiuqing belong to Nanjing, but Qin and Wei belong to attack toward north.


Chen Chenjohn: Key man

Chen Chenjohn was famous general Chen Yucheng's uncle, Hong Xiuquan's secretary but also Yang Xiuqing trust him friendly, It is Chen made Hong believed that Yang will killed Hong that increased the Hong started attacked Yang early by Qing and Wei.

Hong's fear:Yang Order troops out off Nanjing

Murder:Early morning September 2

Chen Chenjohn invited Yang and Qing, Wei drunk the Whisky in Chen's home together, Yang believe Chen and only led 10 bodyguards to attend this party but that was a fatal mistake:Chen sold out Yang. Chen hidden Qin's 100 soldiers on Chen's home, they drunk till 2 o'clock morning, some dancers play amused them, half of dancing that Qing fall down his liquid's cup that signed: one of dancers took sword sting out Yang's lung,

Yand said at last

Wei cold smiled and reply

Enemy Zeng Guofan known this incident, uglify them declare:Wei boiled Yand body and ate.

God will appears:cheat 20,000 believers

Wei Changhui's group combined general Qin Rigang killed Yang Xiuqing's group 20000 people, next killed Shi Dakai's group and family, Shi escapted early and led troops 250,000 come back and prepared to attack Nanjing, forced Hong Xiuquan kill Wei and Qin, Chen Chenjohn, Chen Chenjohn's death was instead of Hong because Shi angry to Hong's unwise and ask Hong.

but Shi led troops back was wrong, it made Taiping Rebellion losed western lines and a lots of areas.

Bodys flew

Many bodys clothes yellow robe and tied by rope down with current from QinWhy River to Yangtze River, Nanjing oudside's Qing officials guessed struggle Incident must happened in Nanjing and guessed was true unluckily.

Negative effects

*Lose Wuhan forever:General Wei June was Wei Changhui's brotrhe's son, he commanded Taiping troops that stationary and defended Wuhan very bravely. When he known Wei Changhui was arrested, he gave up the Wuhan and run away in december 1856. soon, he surrender to Qing government.

*Shi Dakai leave

*Xiang Army growth:Zeng Guofan then on the warship was surrounded in middle of Lake Poyang by Taiping troops, he was hopeless and prepared to suicide by jump lake all Taiping troops in Lake Poyang were retreated and Zeng could alive because Tianjing's struggle Incident happened.

*Never main attack toward north

*Hong's dictator more foolish to destroyed:Hong only trust his elder brothers after Tianjing's struggle Incident but his brothers only like money, so if want to report before should bribe Hong's brother. Ex: they thought Li Xiucheng was victories often if he leaved Nanjing so they should took some bribe from Li exchanged their promised to set Li outside, but it made Taiping troops losed idealism and discipline even robbery by troops.

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