Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jiangnan DaYing

Jiangnan DaYing

Governor of Zhejiang province 2nd Wang Youling forced suicide)

Governor of Jiangsu province Xu Youren

Lieutenant General:Zhang YuLiang

Lieutenant General:Zhou Tengso

Lieutenant General:Wang Jung

Taiping Generals

Li Xiucheng, Lai Wenkwok, Tong Zonghai, Chen Yucheng, Yang Fuqing, Li Shixian, Liu Qeuling


The regular Army had only 180,000 soldiers while the Taiping Rebellion militia force had at least 560,000 soldiers.


Taiping Rebellion forces occupied Jiangsu in 1860. The next year, they occupied Zhejiang. The Jiangnan DaYing was destroyed. The Second Opium War took place and Xianfeng Emperor died in 1861. The Xiang Army and Huai Army combined to become the Green Standard Army in 1862 and for the third time they surrounded and attacked Nanjing, successfully ending the civil war in July 1864.


The Jiangnan DaYing had trouble making the payroll for its forces, and these forces were insufficient to fight off the British and French forces in northern China.

The leaders intrigue against each other: Xiang Rong and Her Chyun in the first Jiangnan DaYing Her Chyun group, He Guiqing group and Zeng Guofan group dispute inner officials system, which allowed the Taiping Rebellion to gain momentum.

Her Chyun's ability to use Brigadier General‘s works but he belittled the Taiping Rebellion, He Guiqing's cowardice and Zeng Guofan' selfishness. the third reason for their loss.

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