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Second rout the Army Group Jiangnan

Second route the Army GroupJiangnan ( or the Jiangnan DaYing; , The Qing government raised the Green Standard Army to fight against the Taiping Rebellion,but Qing twice military Strategy surrounded the Nanjing all lose at last.

Second Jiangnan DaYing


1858--1860; Main battle happened on March 1860--July 1860, it extend to occupy whole the Zhejiang province by Taiping till October 1861.



Imperial Inspector Minister:First Class Senior General Her Chyun

Viceroy of Liangjiang:He Guiqing

Military commander:Second Class Senior General Zhang GuoLiang

Governor of Zhejiang province 1st Luo Zundian forced suicide

Governor of Zhejiang province 2nd Wang Youling forced suicide

Governor of Jiangsu province Xu Youren

Lieutenant General:Zhang YuLiang

Lieutenant General:Zhou Tengso

Lieutenant General:Wang Jung

Upstair list of officials all dead in Second rout the Army Group Jiangnan.

Taiping Generals

Li Xiucheng, Lai Wenkwok, Tong Zonghai, Chen Yucheng, Yang Fuqing, Li Shixian, Liu Qeuling


180,000 regular Army V.S. 560,000 Taiping Rebellion militia force at least


Taiping Rebellion forces occupied Jiangsu in 1860, next year, they continued occupied Zhejiang. Then Second Opium War and Xianfeng Emperor dead in 1861. Till the Xiang Army and Huai Army instead the Green Standard Army in 1862 and they raised third times to surround the Nanjing till finished this 14 years civil war in july 1864.


Near million Green Standard Army stationary in northern China defend UK and troops increased the Jiangnan DaYing less strength and money pay salary to soldiers, it was the first and important loss reason;

The second reason of loss was leaders intrigue against each other:Xiang Rong and Her Chyun in the first Jiangnan DaYing;Her Chyun‘group, He Guiqing‘group and Zeng Guofan‘group dispute inner officials system, that give many stronger growth to the forces of Taiping Rebellion.

Of course that Her Chyun was able to Brigadier General‘s works but he led whole Jiangnan DaYing and belittle the Taiping Rebellion, He Guiqing‘s coward,Zeng Guofan‘ too selfish etc. were third loss reason.

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